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Senan Gorman

North Pole Design

I've known Mike personally & professionally for many years and can attest to both his character and strength in local SEO marketing experience. You can't get a more highly tuned customer service experience than with LPJMS. If you're a local business and want to be recognized for your excellent reputation, while ranking at the top of Google for your business, then check these guys out and give them a call today! Your competition may have done just that!

Dr. Patricia Kirk

Kirk Podiatry

Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions is great. They are fast and come up with a number of different ideas to help get the job done. I have always been pleased with everything that they have done for us.

Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Why is this free? ~ This free report for Business Decision Makers and is part of a Beta Program.
  • Why do I need a report? ~ Most Owners don't know the customized info.  It shocks many.
  • How is the score calculated? ~ Through Google first than collects from other sources.
  • What's the catch? ~ No catch.  We are conducting a Beta Program.
  • What do I do with the results? ~ All that get their report can get a free consultation before the timer runs out.  Next, we will do a Side by Side comparison of how you match up vs. your local competition.
  • What if my score is low?  How do I change it? ~ Free consultation helps.
  • Are the results private? ~ So long as your competition does not find this page.
  • Can I do a report on my competition? ~ Yes.  So long as you get your report first.
  • How long will this be free? ~ So long as there is time on the countdown timer.
  • Can I keep my report?  ~ Yes.  We will e-mail it to you to share with your staff. 

Enter Your Company Info To Get Your Free Report

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We give you a SELF GUIDED TOUR and explain exactly what you need to do and help you correct any issues that you find.